About Me


pic of mk in rr1

Picture taken in the Chawton House Library Lower Reading Room

Hi! I am Misty Krueger. I have a PhD in English and teach at the University of Maine at Farmington. I study Jane Austen and other long eighteenth-century women writers. I am editing a collection of essays entitled Transatlantic Women Travelers: 1688-1843.

I am at work on a monograph (still in its formative stage) about Jane Austen’s juvenilia, and that brought me to England in July and August 2017. As the Jane Austen Society of North America’s International Visitor, I conducted research at the Chawton House Library, Jane Austen’s House Museum, and the Hampshire Records Office. I visited sites and many of the bicentenary exhibits as a part of my research, too, and took walks as a part of my research. I also used my time in England to prepare for a future study abroad course, titled “Jane Austen in England.”

This website includes my blog posts from my six-week stay in England as well as posts related to my work on Jane Austen, hence the title “MK and JA.” You will also find a link to my fashion blog, “What Professors Wear.”  I have also added the cumulative results from my students’ individual wiki projects from my summer online Austen course. Finally, the site contains a CV page with links to my publications and details about my research interests and teaching experience.