Today’s the Day!

I am currently en route to Boston for my red-eye flight to London. (Fingers crossed for a timely departure and arrival!) My plan is to arrive in London tomorrow, find my way to my hotel in Central London, and then try to stay awake. If at all possible–that is, if my energy holds–I will do some light sight-seeing and get on a Brit time schedule. My plan is to spend two and a half days in London to acclimate myself before heading to Chawton, and perhaps to go to the British Library or British Museum. I don’t know if Austen will fit directly into any of my London plans, but I definitely have some Shakespeare plans (and Austen read Shakespeare, so…related? Actually, I don’t have any knowledge of her reading the play mentioned in the next sentence.). On Saturday night I will see the new Twelfth Night production at The Globe.

Check back in a few days for an update!

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