Bridgerton, Episode 6

How many meanings could one word have? This episode is named "Swish." Let's look at all the ways one might swish: swish | swiSH |  verb 1 [no object, with adverbial of direction] move with a hissing or rushing sound: a car swished by. • [with object] cause to move with a hissing or rushing sound: a girl came in, swishing her long skirts. • aim a swinging blow at something: he swished…Read more Bridgerton, Episode 6

Bridgerton, Episode 3

Let's talk about young women's bodies. After all, from episodes 1-3 the Bridgerton creators have been forcing us to look upon them as commodities. Indeed, this is supposed to be a reflection of the marriage market, which puts us as viewers in the position of potential suitors, I guess. Well, we have bought into this,…Read more Bridgerton, Episode 3

Bridgerton, Ep. 2

Dear Reader, As I venture forth into Bridgerton I am struck by the large quantity of testosterone abounding in this silly show. Two episodes in, I cannot refrain from sharing my thoughts on the multitude of masculine ego driving various plots in this series, and in this communique I will discuss them. I must also…Read more Bridgerton, Ep. 2