Sanditon, Season 2, Episode 5

Kisses! So many kisses! Let’s start with Georgiana and Charles Lockhart’s. I love that Georgiana let her hair down–physically and metaphorically. She wanted Lockhart to paint her how she wishes to be seen, and she clearly wishes for him and everyone to see her unconfined. With her hair down, she can be seen with “theContinue reading “Sanditon, Season 2, Episode 5”

Sanditon, Season 2, Episode 4

Everyone loves a good phallic showdown, right? Men who hate each other and will show their competitive nature with a pointy object is right up Sanditon‘s alley, eh? It’s fun to watch men show off their skills at a garden party, huh? 🙂 What about giving a woman a chance to make her mark? That’sContinue reading “Sanditon, Season 2, Episode 4”

I Finished Bridgerton, Season 2

When Bridgerton season 1 aired, I blogged. When Bridgerton season 2 aired, I was traveling to a conference, attending a conference, traveling home, and then getting caught up on work (I mean, I have a job, y’all). I watched the entire season while doing this and could not muster up the time or energy toContinue reading “I Finished Bridgerton, Season 2”