WPW: Hair


After I finished up my medical leave in December, I began teaching again in late January. I started the semester with a little bit of hair, and it was gray. Um, no.

So I wore a hat.

See that I am wearing the same outfit to prove that I looked much better with the hat on.

And I wore a bunch of hats for a while.

Then one day I got too hot wearing the hat and took it off.

Cute clothes could not make up for this lack of hair. I got really sick of the gray.

So I did something about it.

I used Loreal Colorista one-day spray. But it lasted longer than one day. It stained my scalp!

Even weeks later I still had a hint of pink, so I kept my head covered when I taught. I wore cool hats like this one:

Did you notice that my eyebrows and eyelashes started to grow back. Yeah, scroll up to the first pic and now look at this one from February!

Eventually I got all of that pink off and decided to go for a more natural color.

I used a semi-permanent, ammonia-free color from Natural Instincts. The color was supposed to be burgundy brown, but it turned out a little more coppery. That’s ok.

I will try to remember to post mid-May to show how much my hair has grown and what color it is then.

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