WPW: At the End of the Day


Last month I mentioned in a post that I always fail to remember to take a picture of myself at the end of the day. I was inspired by the pics a mom took of her daughter at the start of the school day and then at the end.

Image result for first day of school outfit before and after

I usually take my pictures at the start of the day. Sometimes I’ll remember later in the day. Rarely have I taken a picture after the workday has ended. Last week I did just that! Thankfully I didn’t look as rough as our adorable school kid above.

It’s been a busy week–that’s probably why I didn’t have time to take pics in the morning. My mom was here. It’s pre-registration/advising time. I had to create a pre-tenure review portfolio. I had papers to grade. I decided to reread a really long novel I was teaching. I could go on….but I won’t. Luckily, on Monday of last week I got home and got my mom to take a photo:

Do I look tired? 😀 Bonus: Fluffy adoring me! or maybe just wanting dinner?

I decided to wear horizontal peach and white stripes with vertical cream and navy stripes. The top is cotton; the pants are linen. It was cooler than I expected so I had to wear a jean jacket, but I love this Lucky Brand jacket, so I didn’t mind. I thought it was fun. I enjoyed wearing it. I do look tired, but my clothes held up pretty well–usually when you wear linen by the end of the day you look like you’ve lived in that outfit for a year. I bet it was the stripes that helped out here.

On Wednesday I wore another striped outfit (and I took those pics at the end of the day in my office). I frickin’ love stripes, y’all. Here’s my ‘merica ensemble:

Yeah, that’s Wonder Woman in the background. Thanks to my former students for that gift!

So I wore white and navy stripes on top and navy and white stripes on bottom. I tucked in the shirt because the skirt has this cute waistband with a red, white, and blue tie. Did you notice that this skirt and the pants in the previous outfit have pockets?! I pulled out a short red cardigan from godknowswhen from my chest of drawers and put it on because it tied in with the red on the skirt. I wore my Adidas slip-ons. They have a memory foam footbed. It’s like walking on a pillow. For realz comfort. This outfit ended up looking way more patriotic than intended. It also felt very nautical, so I threw on an anchor pendant just to be that extra!

I don’t know if I look as tired in the Wednesday pics as I think I do in the Monday ones. My hair definitely looks lighter! Well, that was the last teaching day with the pinkish hue. In the next post, I’ll say more about my new hair color.

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