From Boston to London to Alton

My journey from the US to the UK began a few days ago. I got a ride to Portland, Maine. Then I boarded a Concord Coach bus there for Boston Logan Airport. Then I flew Delta/Virgin Atlantic Airlines to London Heathrow Airport. Upon leaving the airport I made it to a hotel on Gracechurch Street, where I stayed for a couple of nights. Now I am residing on the top floor of my Air BnB host’s beautiful home in Alton, UK. I stayed in London for a couple of days in the hope of making sure that any flight delays would not cut into my trip to Alton. While in London I did a lot of walking and bus riding so that I would not sleep all day and then be up all night. I managed to quickly get myself acclimated to UK time, which surprised me.

Below I post some pics to give you a visual idea of where I have been the last few days and how I got there.

  1. On the bus to Boston I enjoyed my spatial seat. On the plane to London (with noise cancellation headphones and eye mask) I tried to sleep but didn’t. I did see this gorgeous view from the plane.

2. Once in London, Adam and I hopped in a car (thanks, Uber) and made it to the Club Quarters hotel.

3. Then we walked around a lot and rode mass transit for two days.

4. Then we headed back to the airport to pick up a rental car (driving in the UK? what a great idea? how hard can it be?).


5. And here’s my current room at Sarah’s house. Sarah is one of the nicest people I have met anywhere! The room is superb. The picture at bottom right shows how bright it is here at 10 p.m. (US time).

In a couple of weeks we leave Alton for Winchester. Then it’s on to the Chawton House Library Stables. I’ll post pics of those places in due time.

One response to “From Boston to London to Alton”

  1. Misty I feel like I’m living this adventure with you and Adam!


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