Bella the Cat; or, The Perks of Airbnb

Normally Chawton fellows and the international visitor (that’s my role) stay in the Chawton House Library Stables. Because CHL Stables is booked for the next few weeks, I am staying at the wonderful Sarah’s house in Alton for the time being. I found this place through Airbnb. It’s a wonderful house with wonderful hosts, including Sarah’s two housemates–her son, Henry, and their cat, Bella.

One of the perks of getting to stay here is spending time with this cute cat! Bella loves to rub her face all over you, and she likes back rubs. According to Sarah and Henry, Bella does not take to strangers. However, the first moment Adam and I met her she was rubbing against us. Her humans were shocked! Even their close friends do not get this treatment. Apparently smart cats know cat people. Yup, Bella could sense that we are cat people.

Although I miss my cat, Fluffy, I know that she is in good hands back in the States. She is on vacay with our friends, Kate and Ben. They took her in for six weeks–good, good friends indeed! In the meantime, Bella is keeping me company. 🙂

I hope to add a few post about Marmite, the JAHM cat!

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