Meeting the JASNA Pathfinders at CHL


I spend every Monday afternoon in this wonderful room: the Chawton House Library (CHL) lower reading room. This room contains many of CHL’s women writers’ books. Most visitors to CHL end their tour of the Great House by visiting this room.

On Monday, I had the pleasure of meeting members of JASNA (a few of whom were from the North Texas regional group), who were visiting as a part of the Pathfinders tour. The Pathfinders visited a bunch of Austen sites, including CHL and Jane Austen’s House Museum on July 17. I ran into the group again at Winchester Cathedral on July 18 (the day of Austen’s death).

It was neat to meet a group out of the Dallas, Texas, area, for my sister lives in this area, and I can actually meet up with the group when I next visit Dallas. It goes to show how small this world is–what are the chances that this particular JASNA group would hail from my home state, particularly where my sister lives?

Meeting this group reminded me (as if I could forget) how awesome JASNA and its members are. 🙂


2 responses to “Meeting the JASNA Pathfinders at CHL”

  1. Claire Bellanti Avatar
    Claire Bellanti

    Hi Misty, lovely photo and a lovely group of people. But only one or two were from the North Texas Region. This first JASNA Tour (of two this summer) had members from all over the US and Canada.
    So happy to hear you are having a productive summer in the UK!


    1. Thank you for clarifying that!


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