A Day of Research at CHL; or, Sitting in the Sitting Room

I sit down to do some research at Chawton House Library (CHL) as often as I can. I took last Tuesday off to be in Winchester, but I did get to the library on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday (all day). On Wednesday I found a place in the Upper Reading Room (I keep capitalizing this name because it is a proper noun–each room and space has its own formal name).

On Thursday, there wasn’t anywhere for me to sit in that room, so I was set up in a room not typically used by researchers. I am not sure that this room has an official name or not, but I will call it the Main Sitting Room, for that is what I heard someone else say.

I enjoyed sitting in this room at a gigantic table and reading and/or looking through the following:

  • Cottage Stories
  • Felicia to Charlotte (a novel)
  • Boxes of a family’s records that include drawings, poems, photos, and cookbooks
  • Blair’s Sermons

One of the best things, though, was looking across the room at a dashing young man, George Austen (JA’s nephew).


What a babe! I found out a few days ago that he attended Winchester College and was excellent at cricket. In another post I will say more about the exhibit from which the placard shown below can be found.


I have a scholarly interest in George, so it was neat to see his portrait! Some accidental experiential learning happened that day. 😀

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