Treacle Tart with Clotted Cream, a Walk along the River Itchen, & King Alfred the Great

On Tuesday evening of last week, Adam and I visited our new friend Nancy’s house. Nancy is friend to Sarah, our former Alton host, and as Nancy lives in Winchester, she encouraged Adam and me to call on her when we made it to her hometown. Nancy made us American-style tacos that were yummy, and then she brought out a treacle tart, which was to die for.


Adam and I had never tasted such a tart, and when the clotted cream was added to the tart, Adam ate more cream than tart. He loves that stuff! Nancy and Sarah insist that treacle tart is a British thing to eat, so I am that we had the chance to do so.

After dinner and dessert, we took a walk by the River Itchen. What a beautiful walk. I am so glad that we met up with Nancy and that she suggested we take this stroll. If it weren’t for Nancy, I am sure that we would have never made it to the river, even though we were staying in Winchester and lived rather close to it.

Check out some pics below that we took on our walk.


Look at the size of those leaves! Also, note the sign: don’t climb the fence.


Ah, apparently the Brits like garden gnomes and meerkats!


Don’t forget the remnants of the Roman wall almost hidden from sight within the gate.


Then, there’s this work of art. I show you the magnificent statue of King Alfred the Great from the back first, as that’s how we met him on our walk. Then we circled round to say hi from the front.

Winchester: what a wonderful town.

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