The White Cliffs of England

I have always wanted to visit the white cliffs of Dover, but they have always been too far away! Little did I know that on this trip I would visit the white cliffs of Seaford, which look like the white cliffs of Dover!

As it turns out, there are more white cliffs than one, and Seaford offers some amazing examples of England’s chalky cliffs. Seaford’s cliffs are a part of the South Downs and are called the Seven Sisters. To get to them, you park far away and walk/hike to the beach.

Below you will find pictures of our journey. It’s a how-to guide.

1. Walk out from the road (takes approx. 45 minutes). Document journey on footpath.

2. Walk the beach to get to the cliffs. Take some pics and notice the warning sign.

3. Climb up the path to get to the top of one of the cliffs. Take pic with sign.

4.  Take a lot of pictures of the cliffs (but don’t post them all).


5. Climb down the steps to get close to cliffs. Take more pics.


6. Climb the hill even further, get lost, take a makeshift path (not really intended for use), fall down on the path (yup, it happened), and finally make your way back to the car park two hours later.

Alas, we stopped taking pics at #6. 😀

August 5, 2017

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