Reminiscing: English Food and Drink

When Adam and I arrived at the first security point check–the one where agents check your passport and ask you questions about where you have been and what you have been doing–I thought I’d have some fun with the agent. They are soooo serious, and I get that they have to be, but I did make the agent laugh. Here’s a breakdown of the Q&A:

Agent: Where have you been?

Misty: <rattles off list of every darn place I visited, which you should know by now is quite long.>

Agent: What were you doing there?

Misty: Researching and having fun

Agent: What were you researching?

Misty: Jane Austen

Agent: <smiles>

Agent: What did you like most about being in England, and what do you like least?

Misty: Well, Adam hates roundabouts, but we love mushy peas!

Agent: <really smiles now> You like mushy peas?!

Misty: yeah!

I still don’t know why that was such an odd answer! Mushy peas are great! Why don’t we have them in the U.S.? We have fish and chips in Maine–you can find it everywhere–but we don’t get served mushy peas. Oh, no. We get coleslaw. I like coleslaw, but not as much as mushy peas.

I ate mushy peas on many occasions. Evidence is shown below:

Not all mushy peas are the same. Some of them are mushier than others, but I like them just the same. I tend to like the fish better in the U.S., but I won’t go on about that.

I also am OK with the English’s lunch item called the jacket potato. You can get a giant potato with just about anything on it. I went with the classic beans and cheese:


Trust me. There is a potato under that mound of sweet beans and cheese.

Of course, I love British bacon. I love bacon generally, but the British kind is to die for.


Those tomatoes and mushrooms are good, too!

I also found my love for cider grow immensely while in England. I probably had a cider a few times a week. One time I had a dark, fruity one. Delish!


Also, you can see how large the glass is, which I like very much. Dwarfs Adam’s ale. He he he.

I am a huge fan of Cadbury chocolate. I probably ate that every week, too. This one’s my favorite:


I also got to try a new chocolate flavor, thanks to my friend Nancy. She gave me a chocolate book pack, and one of the flavors was lime-infused chocolate. Yum-my!


There is one thing that I cannot understand–and I really hope this was a misunderstanding–putting ketchup or brown sauce on your pizza.

When Adam and I were in Whitchurch on a Sunday evening, we wanted to grab a bite to eat at a pub. We saw the sign, which looked promising. You know: fish and chips, sausage and mash, etc. The place advertised good food.

Zoom in on the second picture to see that sign.

When we got there, we were told, “Oh, we’re only serving pizza tonight.” Ugh. Fine. We have had enough pizza, but OK, we already ordered drinks. So, we order a “marghareta” pizza and are served a cheese pizza. Pfft. Whatever. We’re hungry. The girl who brings the pizza says, “Would you like any sauces?” We say no. Then we start eating and realize that the pizza lacks tomato or marinara sauce. Adam goes back to the bar and says, “Can we get some tomato sauce?” She says, “Yeah” and gives him a bottle of ketchup!


Needless to say, we did not want ketchup for our pizza. 😀

Eating in England can be fun, but it’s always nice to return home and know what you are ordering.


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