Now What? Post-JASNA IVP


Now that I have completed my tenure as the 2017 JASNA IV, it’s time to think about next steps. Here they are:

  1. Writing
  2. Talking
  3. Teaching
  4. Traveling
  5. More Research

Let me address this list item by item:

1. Since returning from England I have set out to write two articles on the Sitting with Jane art trail. I have written one essay, and I am working on the other one this week. I am also going to send a write-up to JASNA for inclusion in their October newsletter. I anticipate conference papers and more essays to follow, and of course, I will work on my book project. I will continue to blog. I have even written a convocation speech about my travels.

2. Besides composing my thoughts in writing, I will orally talk to people about my experiences and what’s to come. This includes public presentations. I am speaking at UMF’s convocation, and I recorded this talk as an audio essay, too. Yesterday, I sat down with April Mulherin, UMF’s press writer, who indicated that she will share my story with Maine Public Broadcasting. I hope to talk about the IVP at the 2018 JASNA AGM in Kansas City.

3. I will teach Austen juvenilia (only 3 class periods this term, but that’s something) in my juvenilia course this fall. I will teach a course on adolescence in the spring. I intend to teach a course on Austen and tourism in 2020, and then follow up with a travel course.

4. That leads me to the next point: travel. I definitely plan to travel to England with students. Before that, I plan to travel to England again to do more research and settle matters for the travel course. I also want to visit a few research libraries in the U.S. to study non-Austen juvenilia, so New York, Boston, Pennsylvania, and California trips are in my future.

5. And of course, there is always more research to be done on Austen, her family, and juvenilia. I am excited to do it!

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