WPW: Pick Your Designers

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Image from Us Weekly‘s 2017 article on Betsey Johnson.


While Michael Kors is my designer–he brands all of his purses, clothes, shoes, and more with my initials–there is another designer I love: Betsey Johnson.

Michael Kors is like my Jekyl. Betsey Johnson is my Hyde. Kors is all about logic and practicality. Johnson is about wild, crazy, fun, emotionally driven clothing. One of my favorite quotations from Johnson is this: “I would never be caught wearing anything beige. I love bright colors!” Hey, me too! Hello, hot pink and neon orange!

You like beige? Find another designer. You love animals? Betsey Johnson has a ton of animal-themed prints and accessories. Want a purse with an old-school phone on it, you can buy one from her brand. Want to dance with the stars, she did that too. She has had a long career built on her own quirky style, and when she was on Dancing with the Stars (in her mid-70s, OMG!), she rocked it with her trademark look:

Related image
Seriously, I can’t even do that. Photo from People.com.

For years I have been known as the professor who likes to wear bright colors, loud prints, and fun accessories. I am proud of those accolades. Betsey Johnson has been helping me out in the fun accessories department. I have worn skull necklaces, mermaid necklaces, panda bracelets, and now this:

Rhinestones, cameo, poodle, rose
The top I wore it with, and the top of the necklace–a very long chain.

I have blogged before about my other Betsey Johnson jewelry, but this one is a somewhat recent addition to my collection. My mom bought it for me last summer before I started chemo and needed a pick-me-up. I wore the necklace for the first time in early March. It made me feel happy to wear it.

Let happiness be your guide the next time you buy a necklace. Will putting it on bring you joy? Will people ask you about it? Is your jewelry a conversation starter? Go forth and have fun, and talk to people about what you wear.

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