WPW: And the Winner is…


I tried out something new this week. I picked out an outfit to wear, and then I posted a picture of the skirt with two different tops and asked my friends to vote on which one I should wear with the skirt. See my Facebook request below:

I asked for votes and comments, and I was not disappointed. A lot of people voted, and a lot of people explained their choice.

Want to see some of the responses? Of course you do! About 50 people voted, and here’s what some of them had to say:

Votes for green:

  • “I vote green. It looks more summery, and we’re supposed to have a nice, warm day. Celebrate the warmth while you can.”
  • “Green I think…picks up green leaves in the skirt”
  • “Green. You bring the bright warmth to the outfit already.”
  • “Green. Red feels too Xmas to me”
  • “It would be green for me, but I’m not that adventurous. You’ll rock it!”
  • “The green blends nicely while highlighting the red flowers on the skirt.”
  • “Green! It’ll look great with your hair.”
  • “Green is my vote, but you’re the fashion person! If you said red, I’d switch my opinion in a heartbeat”
  • “Green— so unexpected and picks up the leaves.”
  • “Green…it blends with green in skirt, allowing red and other colored flowers to pop. Red shirt overwhelms skirt flowers and green leaves just wash out. It takes over too aggressively”
  • “Green, acts like a neutral & lets the skirt ‘sing’!”
  • “Green for sure I agree with the comment about how it lets the skirt sing!”

Votes for red:

  • “Both are great. I’m leaning towards red. It’s snazzy and so are you.”
  • “I really like both but I vote red… it makes the flowers on the skirt pop!”
  • “Red. There’s less red than green in the skirt, so the red of the shirt is more complementary.”
  • “I would have gone with red. But you should never trust my instincts re: fashion.”
  • “Green would be pretty, but red is the baller move in my humble opinion.”
  • “Red! It will go great with your hair, plus it will demand more attention during your classes.”
  • “Red, so it’s dynamic top to bottom, and red stripes on their own are an event.”
  • “Red because it clashes with your hair and you should go all out.”
  • “I like a classic underdog- so red.”
  • “I woulda said green, but I see that [mutual Facebook friend] recommended red, and I admire her style, so one more vote for red!”
  • “I’m also all for the red. It must be a Jane Austen camp thing. I guess it’s also because Fanny Price may be a fink?”
  • “Red! I feel like there’s less red than green in the skirt so the shirt makes that color pop some more.”
  • “I’m a fan of red so I vote for that and the red picks up the red in skirt. I love the stripe, floral combo.”
  • “Red🔥”

With such great logic supporting both candidates, I wish I could have worn both shirts with the skirt. However, one color clearly won the most votes, and that was green!

Green was my original choice. I thought it complemented the skirt instead of matching it, and that’s what I was going for, but I also thought that maybe I should go for the red because it was bright and bold.

In the end, I wore the green shirt:

As you can see, I wore the skirt with my favorite rust-colored Tsubo wedges.

The next teaching day I was picking out my outfit and thought, gosh, so many people liked that red-and-white-striped shirt. Maybe I should wear it today. The thing is I really wanted to wear a super-soft jersey-knit black-and-white polka-dotted floor-length skirt. (Whoa, look at all of those hyphens!)

Here’s the shirt with the skirt:

I did it. I wore a striped shirt with polka dots. Maybe people saw me on campus and thought what the heck is she wearing. Maybe they thought that skirt doesn’t go with that top. On the other hand, maybe they thought it was interesting. Unexpected and interesting, yes.

People might have also been thinking about the skirt with the shoes. I got the skirt at TJMaxx for $3, y’all. The shoes, also purchased at the Maxx, were deeply discounted Michael Kors slip-on sneakers. Yup, I wore sneakers with a long skirt. I liked the look.

Thanks to a fire alarm going off in my building I had to stand outside for a while (at some point in wet grass) in these comfy shoes, skirt, and top. So glad I didn’t wear the wedges I wore on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend, and think about wearing stripes with prints next week.

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