WPW: Changing Colors


It’s not only the leaves that are changing colors this fall. My hair is a new color every week. Every time I wash my hair, the color fades a little more, and the color has changed from purple to blue!

The first picture was taken on October 5. The last October 23.

It’s been fun watching it morph. It’s starting to look like a mix of blue-gray and lavender. I’m not sure what it will look like next.

I have an appointment in three weeks, so I may be full on old lady by then! 😀

Stay tuned.

5 responses to “WPW: Changing Colors”

  1. These are all so gorgeous! Love the purple/blue.

    Thought of you this morning when Facebook reminded me it was 2 years ago today that my hair had started coming out in clumps so I had to shave it and tell my class what was going on. Nice to have some hair for winter!

    Sarah Sarah Maline, PhD Associate Professor of Art History Director, UMF Art Gallery Department of Sound, Performance, and Visual Inquiry University of Maine Farmington Farmington, Maine 04938 207.778.1062 artgalleryumf@maine.edu


  2. Love all of these & that broach in the last image is awesome! Is that vintage?


    1. It sure is!


    2. Yes


  3. Love all of these & that broach in the last pic is awesome! Is it vintage?


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