Wearing Cardigans on World Kindness Day


Last week one of my friends, Laura S., announced on Facebook that Wednesday, November 13, 2019, is World Kindness Day. “The purpose of World Kindness Day,” Gabriella van Rijj writes, “is to highlight good deeds in the community, focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness that binds us.” I don’t know about you, but I am big fan of kindness. It makes me feel good to help others. I hold kind people in high regard, and hope you do, too!

My friend also shared that people were planning to wear cardigans to honor one of the world’s kindest people, Mr. Rogers, on the 13th. I knew that I had to take part in this celebration. I had to wear a cardigan on Wednesday.

Mr. Rogers was a man who loved sweaters. A lot of people remember him for taking off and putting on his shoes, but that guy had a thing for cardigans, too. A quick internet search will show you images of Fred Rogers wearing various shades of red, green, blue, gray, and beige colored sweaters. I wonder how many sweaters he actually had!

A lot of his sweaters were zip-ups, but some were what we call the “grandpa sweater.” You know the type–a v-neck cut, a few buttons about halfway down the sweater, and a little boxy in shape. I own both types of Mr. Roger’s sweaters–I have a couple of zip-ups and a couple of v-neck button-ups.

One of my sweaters–the one I wore on Wednesday–I actually stole from my husband. Shh! Don’t tell! His parents gave him this Land’s End grandpa sweater years ago, and I was like, oh, that’s nice. My husband is not one to wear sweaters much, so I decided to wear it. I love this sweater because it is comfortable, thick, and has two big pockets on the front. Pockets, ya’ll. Pockets.

Here’s how I wore it yesterday:

As you can see, I didn’t wear a tie (I didn’t go full on Fred), but I did wear a button-up shirt at least. Instead I made this a Misty outfit. I wore two of my Jane Austen buttons. One or more of you kind people gave me these buttons last year. Want a closer look?

That’s Jane giving everyone her “uh-uh” smirk. She’s got some side-eye going on, and I am here for it! Below her is her stack of books–all six of them are here with the titles on the books, too. I didn’t take a picture to show this, but I wore some pink pants the same color as the third book (Persuasion). I wore my black Bean Boots, too.

So, most people just saw me wearing a faded black cardigan and some Jane Austen pins yesterday. Most people had no idea why I was wearing this ensemble other than it looked like something I would wear. But I knew why I was wearing this sweater. I knew that I was honoring kindness, and I channeled that energy yesterday to be extra kind to some people in need.


What are you wearing? Want to blog about it? Be a guest blogger for What Professors Wear!

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