Out with the Old, and in with the New: Hair Edition

Image result for new year 2020

It’s a new year and a new me. OK, I’m not new, but my hair color is! I decided to go bold on January 14 and color my hair a shocking blue color. I have always wanted to do this. As I said to some faculty today, I am working my way through the rainbow. I’ve done pink, red, purple, and now blue.

Here’s what I looked like the week before I had it colored:

Here’s the new do:

Holy cow! What a difference a color and a cut make? I look so much younger, right?!

I achieved this new color by asking my stylist to mix two dyes: “aqua” and “neon” blue. Heck, yeah, I have a neon hair color. I am a child of the 80s. Let’s say that the only advantage of your hair falling out and having it grow in a color that you don’t like is that you don’t feel bad about dyeing it. You feel great about it!

Some of you may be wondering how one keeps this hair so blue. It’s not easy. Every wash diminishes the brightness. At some point, it won’t be aquamarine anymore. It may be pale blue in a few weeks. Who knows, but it will still have a sense of the original hue due to a handcrafted color conditioner I bought–it was made just for me at the salon! I get this to counteract the bleaching and to retain as much brightness as possible.

Here’s the product:

So, maybe you’re sitting there reading this blog post thinking “I could never color my hair like that.” So many people tell me this all the time. I tell them, “Yes, you can. Anyone can do this.” If you need a refresher, maybe try updating your hair. You don’t have to color it blue, but you can change the color or the cut.

Give yourself a new color or ‘do. It’s time. You deserve it.

Out with the old and in with the new, right? It’s January!


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