Sanditon on PBS, Ep. 3

Again, Sanditon does not disappoint. Case in point: Maximillian Fuchs. How does one pronounce the name of this doctor? 🙂 Tom Parker says it as “fucks” while other characters say “fukes.” First we meet Dr. Fuchs, also known as Herr Fuchs, but we don’t know his name. But the joke is not lost. Then when he is introduced as Maximillian, oh….I laughed. A lot.

Would Jane approve? Maybe. She was known to drop some sexual puns in her writings. Remember Sense and Sensibility‘s description of the sprained ankle and the ha-ha. Yeah, there was something racy going on there if we believe what scholars have said about that language. Let me ask the question again: would Jane approve? Actually, I think she’d get a kick out of it.

This episode definitely upped the Andrew Davies factor. From Dr. Fuchs to Esther Denham, Clara Brereton, and even Georgiana Lambe this episode actually seemed “sexier” than the previous two which included full and partial nudity.

While the Fuchs and Georgiana (what did she paint?) plot lines in this episode are fun, there were some really dark moments in this episode. The Clara story line is perverse–from her childhood background to the hand job to now the self-immolation (ew, what a burn). Clara and Esther’s tete a tete is enjoyable, but day-um. I’m starting to feel somewhat bad for Esther, even though she dug her fingers into Clara’s burn! She better watch her back, though, because Clara is brutal. She’s cut-throat and she might even cut your throat, Esther. Is that what we found in Austen? No. Was there potential for something dark related to Clara? Sure.

I know most people are super excited that episode 3 showed hope for Sidney and Charlotte’s budding romance. It was sweet. It was cute. I was fine with that, but I am not too invested in it. I get the whole Lizzie/Darcy parallel, but I’m more interested in what is happening in the subplots. I like Charlotte a lot as a character, but I prefer her in scenes with characters who are not Sidney. Disagree with me? Let me know!

What did you like most about this episode?

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