Sanditon on PBS, Ep. 5

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Let the games begin! This episode was more exciting than the previous one. The characters played cricket! Miss Denham smiled (for real)! Miss Lambe was “bundled”! Miss Heywood set out for London!

Let’s start with cricket. I don’t know how to play this game. It’s British, involves a ball and bat, and looks like baseball. There’s something called a wicket. Eh. Anyway, it looks like fun when it’s played on a beach in Regency-era dress. Of course, there was some tension leading up to the match in this episode–would all the players show up? Who would win? What would happen if the rich guys team was suddenly short a player?

I know! I know! I know! One of the many rich guys watching the game could step in. Nope. Oh. How about if Charlotte steps in for Tom after he runs away in shame? Ok. But wait, isn’t cricket a gentleman’s game, the reverend reminds us all? Well, no. Women in Wellingdon play cricket. Take that, patriarchy!

Charlotte knows how to play cricket, yes, but we see that in the last pitch Mr. Stringer–whom I adore–goes soft and throws lighter than he should. Rich people win! Yay! It’s like real life. Oh. But maybe this will be a win for Mr. Stringer who can win Charlotte’s heart one day?

Speaking of wooing, whoa, poor Lord Babbingdon. He’s done everything right, and he still can’t get the girl. Well, he probably could if the girl weren’t Esther and her brother/lover Edward. Eddie is such a jerk. He wants it all: the title, the money, a wife, and a sister/mistress. Esther clearly could have been happy to marry Lord B, but her stupid brother had to interfere.

Then there’s Miss Lambe, who has been taken away to London by Mr. Molyneux. Georgiana was said to have been bundled, which means forcibly thrown into a carriage. Is that true? Forcibly? This scene sets up Charlotte and Sidney to go to London looking for Georgiana, and from the preview, dance the night away.

This show really wants Charlotte to get together with Sidney. I’m not sure that I do, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll change my mind. How do you feel about it?

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