Sanditon, Ep. 7

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Ooh la la, it’s the Sanditon regatta, and look at who’s getting all touchy feely. Did Sidney haaaave to show Charlotte how to row a boat? Really? Did he have to hold her hands and then touch her torso to show her to sit up straight? Nah. But he did.

This episode packed in a lot of details and resolved some plot points.

  1. We see that Sidney has truly fallen for Charlotte even though his ex is in town and ready to get back together.
  2. Sidney has a self-realization–the past is the past and his best self, his current self, cannot thrive with Eliza. Oh, no. She’s old news, and she’s bad news.
  3. Lady D ain’t gonna die anytime soon–whew!–and Eddie D ain’t gonna get that money! Neither is Clara, for what it’s worth.
  4. Esther finally got the wake-up call she needed. Her bro’s booty call with Clara was the last straw. Thank god because we have been sick of it. So sick of it.
  5. Arthur is a delight. OK, this isn’t a resolved plot point, but I love the Arthur scenes.

Now, this episode piggybacks on something from the last–more time with the mysterious, elegant (Lady) Susan. Oh, wait–is that an Austen reference to Lady Susan? Hope so. Susan is supposedly the Prince Regent’s mistress. Hmm. We’ll see. She at least brought some people to Sanditon, which is nice because we all want Tom Parker to succeed, right? I mean, he and Mary are good people.

Speaking of good people, poor Mr. Stringer. He may have won the race, but did he win the girl? That’s a big fat no. I felt so bad for him when he realized Charlotte only thinks of Sidney as a love interest. Sad.

OK. We have one episode left, and the anticipation is too much to handle! What will happen? I’ll find out soon and let you know.

For now just know that I enjoyed the rowing in Episode 7, as well as seeing Edward and Clara get what they deserved, which is nothing. 😀

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