Valentine’s Week, or Better Late than Never


Y’all, I have fallen behind in my fashion blogging because I blogged eight times on the PBS Sanditon miniseries. I made it through Sanditon, so now it’s time to make it back to What Professors Wear. Thanks for your patience.

So I’m about a month behind in my sartorial blogging. Yikes! This post, therefore, is a Valentine’s post.

During the week of Valentine’s I was on campus on three days, but I only took a picture of my clothes on one day and my hand on another day–you’ll see. Stay with me.

Here’s the pre-Valentine’s rose pink look:

I love cowl-necked shirts. Even before I went flat I loved them. Now I love them more than ever. I also wore a brooch with different shades of pink. The brooch drew the eye to the cowl neck, instead of my chest–which is what I was going for with this look. As you can see from the smile on my face, I felt good about this ensemble. [Also, look at my Wonder Woman post behind me!]

That said, some aspects of my week were stressful, so I share this picture of my niece as an emotional statement. Notice, please, that we are wearing the same color:

My niece is taking gymnastic classes, so don’t worry–this may look like an epic fail photo, but it’s actually just something purposeful. 😀

My niece is such a sweetheart. She gave me a little Valentine’s card with a lovely message and an Elsa (Frozen 2) tattoo in it.

When I put on the tattoo something went a little wrong:

Oops. Elsa was having a hard day, friends. After wearing this tattoo for an hour or so, it peeled off. Oh, well. It was probably better that way.

I’ll do my best to keep up with the blogging. I have so many more looks to share with you!

Got a cool look you’re just dying to write about? Want to guest blog? Let me know!

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