Social Distancing, Day 1

Saturday, March 14, 2020

I began social distancing officially on Saturday, the day I was supposed to fly to the Dominican Republic to see Uncle Pat (my husband’s uncle). Pat lives in a condo in the DR, and we’ve been planning to visit for about three years now. We went in 2016 and 2017. It was great. Then cancer happened in 2018, and a return trip was put off to 2020.

Even when we got the news of COVID-19 we still thought we’d go, but after doing some research we realized on Wednesday, March 11, that this would be a terrible idea–for everyone involved. We made the decision to cancel, and I spent two days trying to get the flight and room credited.

That happened, and then on Friday we decided it was time to get groceries, not a hoarder’s worth, but a reasonable amount for about two weeks of meals for two. We did that.

Luckily I had bought toilet paper the week before:

Thanks, Snapchat.

Then I decided to find ways to get out of the house without being around people. So on day 1 we decided to go for a walk on the beach and fly a kite.

You might be thinking, oh, it’s spring break, and beaches will be crowded. Don’t forget that I live in Maine.

I love the beach in any season, and love flying a kite, so this was a good day. We drove an hour to get to the beach. We stayed there for a couple of hours. We drove home. We did not go to a restaurant or a store. We brought snacks and drinks. It was lovely.

We even had a laugh when Adam found this giant piece of foam on the beach:

We said it looked like a huge bar of soap, and seeing as how the shelves at the grocery store are showing that people have bought up all the soap, we found ourselves in a large supply here! #winning (We know it’s not soap. We haven’t gone off the deep end yet.)

So here we are in the age of coronavirus, and we’re reassessing how we live life. As for me, I will spend time in person with my husband and my cat. That’s it. I’m doing this for at least two weeks and will check in to see how much longer.

Right now I am self-quarantining even though I don’t think I have the virus, but who knows because a chest cold or allergies could be something more. My lungs don’t feel great, but I truly think it’s not coronavirus. I have really bad allergies right now. That said, many carriers of the virus are asymptomatic. I’m reading constantly about all of this so that I can learn.

Learning and sharing what I learn are really important to me right now, but so is enjoying every single day. I hope you do too.

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