Social Distancing, Day 2

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Beware the ides of March, right?! I didn’t see a meme about that yesterday, and that is saying something. I see posts about it every year. I’m a literature professor, after all. But no. The posts are predominantly about the virus and all things related. Understandable.

Yesterday I worked on one of my courses–now is the time, while students are on spring break–to shift everything to online learning so that we can get on track in about a week or so. I have a second course that is an alternate version of the first, so that made it easier to get two courses done. I also teach two more individual classes plus another independent study right now. Luckily, the independent study was already online! Whew!

I told my husband that we had to go for a walk. He’s a workaholic, like in a bad way, so finally around 3 p.m. I convinced him to go for a short walk. We live near the capitol building, so we walked over to it and around the lawn in front of it.


When we got home, I thought I’d check to see if our crocuses were in bloom yet (always a sure sign of spring). They had!

Spring is here, y’all. Maine’s winter was a short, mild one. I am ok with that right now. 🙂

The snow is almost gone. This is all we have left:

Cya, Old Man Wintah!

What did you do yesterday?

One response to “Social Distancing, Day 2”

  1. Massachusetts mirrors you, pretty much. I go for a walk every day, call out every flower I see, and look for signs of life while simultaneously avoiding them. Glad you got him out of the house for a minute!! Also I did make an ides of march joke, but only to my bf because of the stay at home order. I do what I can haha!


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