Social Distancing, Day 3

Just went for a walk to the YMCA, which is close to my house. Did I go into the Y? No. I walked by it. How sad. I had just gotten into playing raquetball about a month ago, and I was getting good. Hubs and I would play one to two matches every week.

Now I just walk by the Y and wave!

It’s a lovely spring day. Where are the kids? Not at the playground in front of the YMCA!

I did see a guy driving to the Y with his kids in the back seat, though.

So, I finished my walk by strolling past the capitol again.

I actually had two outings yesterday. The second one was to ride to Hannaford to take advantage of Hannaford-to-go. I had Adam drive and handle the interaction with the employee.

As you can see, I was listening to some 80s on 8.

As I expected, Hannaford was out of a lot of items I ordered. They had milk, though–just not Morning Star chik patties, cranberry juice, tortilla chips, or toothpaste.

I went ahead and made an order for next week–the earliest I could pick a pick-up time for next week is Monday at 8 p.m. If you’re thinking about ordering food from your grocery store, I recommend snagging that pick-up time now!

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