Social Distancing, Days 4-5

Three days into blogging about social distancing, and I got sidetracked. By what? Working on classes, book editing, spending too much time on the computer and needing a break, worrying, etc.

I’m ready to get all caught up now. Even though every class period will be a work in progress, the book editing project has been submitted (thus freeing up some time and energy). I’m still gonna be on the computer a lot from now on, but I’m trying to work on the worrying.

Day 4 (March 17):

I honestly can’t remember if I left the house on this day. I don’t think I did. If I had, I would have taken a picture to document it. I did watch my first Met opera online stream that day, though. Oh, and if you watch it on their nightly schedule you get it for free. It was amazing. I’ve always wanted to see La Bohème live, so this got me close to that. I decided to take pics of my TV to document that I actually watched the opera online.

Musetta is much more enjoyable than Maureen from Rent in my opinion.

Day 5 (March 18):

I went on a walk on this day to another part of the Rail Trail in Hallowell. I usually start near the YMCA in Augusta. On this day, I started at the other end of Hallowell.

I saw what one expects to see: the actual train tracks, trees, blue sky, the Kennebec River, etc.

I also saw this sign, which seemed appropriate in this time of social distancing:

What risk? Well, there were people on the trail, but we kept our distance. The six-foot distance, to be precise.

I also saw some elusive Maine graffiti (there’s really not that much in the state compared to others):

How Mondrian?

And of course, I saw a true portrait of America–the red solo cup (and the added bonus of a clear plastic cup from some coffee place?):

I’ve got about a week’s worth of posts to catch up on, so I’ll be back soon. Later!

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