Social Distancing: Let it Snow/Let it Go

I have been social distancing for 24 days now. During these 24 days it has snowed twice, but only one of these days was a true snow. It doesn’t always snow a lot in March in Maine, but sometimes you get a nice, hefty snow that lasts a day or two.

That snow happened on March 24. It snowed at least 6 inches over the course of the night, and when we awoke, it was a winter wonderland yet again. I knew the snow would melt that day because the forecast called for temps in the 40s. That meant that I had to get up early and get out there and enjoy that snow, so my husband and I went for a walk in the woods.

Are you ready for some snow pics? Sure you are.

Are you ready for some close-ups of yours truly?

Oh, yeah. I also made a snow angel:

Here’s a video of the stream in Vaughn Woods

The second snow didn’t meet my expectations. The forecast said one to three inches, but we didn’t get much–maybe an inch–and it melted quickly. 😦 So instead of playing in the snow, I had to “let it go” and move on.

Let It Go': A Global Hit In Any Language | Texas Public Radio

I don’t think we will get any more snow this season. The forecast calls for rain, and possibly some flurries, but they won’t stick. It was actually quite warm yesterday, so I’m hoping spring is on its way.

One response to “Social Distancing: Let it Snow/Let it Go”

  1. I was not only ready for snow pictures, I was craving them. I’m far enough south now that we’ve just had rain for the last 2 weeks or so 😓 thanks for letting me live vicariously 👌


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