WPW: What I Wore Before Online Teaching


I have been teaching for two weeks since my university moved all classes online. When I would go to work before this change, I enjoyed “dressing up,” which means I enjoyed creating outfits, selecting accessories, and basically caring about how I looked.

Here are some pictures of the outfits I didn’t get a chance to blog about for What Professors Wear. I share these with you to serve as a point of contrast for what is to follow in the next blog post.

Alright, I wore this outfit to a job interview (I was on the committee, not the one being interviewed):

Actually, I have a few pairs of MK leopard print pants in different colors! I also got some clip-on heart earrings and enjoyed wearing them with a kind of 80s-inspired hair style:

I only got a chance to wear those earrings twice during the F2F portion of the semester. Here’s the other look, and notice the 80’s styling:

I got that Austen shirt on one of those $6 t-shirt websites. Here’s a closer look:

This picture makes me laugh because Austen’s eyes look kinda druggy. Either that or she has been pulling an all-nighter.

Oh, hey, I also wear leopard-print shirts. Here’s a Michael Kors sweater with some fake pearls that I think were my grandma’s. Notice the hair–I really enjoyed that comb-over:

In addition to leopards, I also have a thing for cat-wear. The first pic shows a cute pin a friend gave me. The second shows a picture of my own cat, Fluffy, on my socks. Thanks to the in-laws for having those made for me!

On that last day I ventured to campus–not a teaching day, just a day to be around and chat with students who needed to talk about the news that they were being sent home and that we were going online–I wore this outfit. It was mourning attire for me: black and gray:

Let me follow up on the “Sawce-box” button. I picked this up at ASECS ages ago in the book/publishers room. It’s a reference to Samuel Richardson’s novel, Pamela. I have taught this text a few times–you either love it or hate it. (I’m in the love camp, FWIW.)

If you want to know what saucebox means, here you go (courtesy of Merriam-Webster):

I have been known from time to time to be a saucebox. 😀

In my next blog post I will show you what I have been wearing since moving to online teaching.

One response to “WPW: What I Wore Before Online Teaching”

  1. My beau has mentioned before looking that hair to one side look. I wasn’t interested, but now you’ve shown me how good it looks when done well 👏


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