WPW: Teaching Online in the Time of COVID-19


Here we are…teaching online because it is the “safest” way for us to do so. In the age of COVID-19, we are not getting in our cars and driving to work. We are not packing our lunches or picking up coffee at Starbucks. We are staying home because it is the right thing to do, and we are probably not worrying too much about what to wear to “work.”

I know that I haven’t given a crap about what I’m wearing. I’ve been at home for 25 days now, and I haven’t worn a pair of jeans, a sweater, a jacket, a button-up shirt, cute shoes, or jewelry. I haven’t worn mascara (except for one day) or lipstick (except for two times).

I have been wearing sweat pants and sweat shirts. Yup. And they aren’t even color coordinated. Nope. I just pull whatever items I first see in the drawers.

Here’s what I wore on my first teaching day–my Lighthouses of Maine sweat shirt:

Day 2–this ancient Calvin Klein sweat shirt (with stains on it!) and some really worn in/out Kensie sweat pants:

Day 3–this Sonoma shirt from Kohl’s and these American Eagle sweat pants:

Day whatever–#grlpwr hat and a Dallas, TX sweat shirt:

On this day I went to get grocery pick up.

Here’s what I wore for a Zoom meeting with some faculty and staff:

Note the BB8 sweat shirt #rollmodel

Working at home doesn’t inspire anything with buttons. Elastic waistbands, stretchy materials, drawstrings: these are the things we wear when we sit day after day and work on laptops.

There have been days where I thought that I should put on some jeans. Then I thought, why? The other day I wore some exercise gear. That felt like dressing up.

Does this sound depressing? Probably. Is it depressing? Probably. It is what it is.

Maybe I need to take my own advice–you remember that time I said, “Even though you are staying home you should dress up for yourself”? I was trying to inspire you, yes, but also myself. Maybe one of these days I’ll wear something other than loungewear.

I’m not going to stress over it, though, and you shouldn’t either. Wear what you want. Do the best you can. Stay home. Stay well.

Love to you all!

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