Let the Xmas Watching Begin

Even though I don’t really like most of the movies you can freely watch through subscription notices such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so forth, I find myself watching them anyway. Maybe it’s some kind of self-flagellation. So, as December 1 rolled around, I said, now’s the time! Now’s the time to dig in to these awful Christmas movies and shows.

I began with The Princess Switch: Switched Again. I have to admit, I had high expectations for this one. I mean look at Netflix’s poster and check out this trailer:

The Princess Switch: Switched Again | Netflix Official Site

That looks like fun, right? Three versions of Vanessa Hudgens! What’s not to love, amirite?

I watched the first film, The Princess Switch, last year and thought it was fun. Here’s that poster, also courtesy of Netflix:

The Princess Switch - Wikipedia

The thing is…the first film had the advantage of novelty. The second, not so much. Not at all actually. The first film had characters to introduce and develop. The second, not so much. The first movie had a plot that I was interested in exploring. The second one, not so much.

Everything about this sequel falls flat. Well, not everything. I did enjoy Hudgens’ blond wig. But other than that, the added sidekicks were goofy and boring. The plot twist was obvious and contrived. I think they could have done something, anything, to surprise us, right? Note: I’m not giving away any spoilers here because I am the kind of person who hates spoilers when I haven’t seen or read something.

If you watched the first Princess Switch, you have to watch the second one. But…may I suggest you watch it with friends, even via a Netflix watch party, and drink? Like, a lot!

Thus concludes day 1 of Misty’s 25 days of Xmas watching. Tune in for day 2!

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