Xmas Watching, Day 2: Sugar Rush

One of my favorite shows is Nailed It! It takes a lot to make me laugh when it comes to shows, but I laugh every time I watch this show. Nicole Byers is so funny. I love Jacques Torres.

My niece calls the show Door 1, Door 2 cuz she’s five. She loves to take pictures of herself in front of the TV screen when the group assembles at the end of the show to take their selfie. It’s just a great thing all around.

But I’ve watched all of the holiday Nailed It! episodes. Netflix had been pushing Sugar Rush holiday edition pretty hard, so I decided to watch two episodes on Dec. 2. I enjoyed them.

Is Sugar Rush Christmas: Season 2 (2020) on Netflix South Korea?

The bakers are professionals, and they have to come up with their own ideas and recipes. They are given a theme, like Charlie Brown’s Christmas, and have to come up with cupcakes, confections, and then a massive cake. The bakers work in pairs, and they know each other beforehand. Some are married. Some are baker friends. Some are colleagues. They have a working relationship, so there’s no interpersonal drama.

I thought the Charlie Brown episode was fun, as I love that show. I also love that one of the cakes was inspired by this image from the Charlie Brown episode:

TV Guide - The Ultimate Holiday Viewing Guide for 2019 - Entertainment -  Hudson Sun - Hudson, MA

So I say if you have some time and want to whet your appetite for sweet things, watch the show. It’s also good just to have on in the background while grading or sitting and staring at your Xmas tree.

What will I watch next? Tune in for Dec. 3!

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