Christmas with a Prince, Day 5

Is it every girl’s dream to find her prince charming? Does every girl want to be a princess? What’s so appealing about wanting to be a princess? These are questions my hubs asked me recently when he realized so many Netflix Christmas movies are about non-royals who fall in love with royals and then become royalty!

Indeed, it is a thing. There is a trope you’ll find in a lot of Xmas movies. Beautiful, but realistic girl falls for arrogant, but dashing prince. You know how this ends.

What changes in these films is what happens in the middle.

Let me introduce you to one such film that pulled at my heart strings even though the movie itself is pretty bad. I give you Christmas with a Prince. I watched this film on December 5 while it snowed outside.

Christmas with a Prince | Christmas Specials Wiki | Fandom

I don’t generally give away spoilers, but this time I’m gonna. The film’s protagonist is Tasha, a pediatric oncologist. She treats kids who stay in hospital and receive chemo treatments. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that, and of course it made me cry. So props to this film for finding a way to surprise me and connect with me.

I also liked that the king is played by Charles Shaughnessy.

Christmas with a Prince (TV Movie 2018) - Images - IMDb | Movie tv,  Donovan, Prince

You’ll recognize him from The Nanny, surely, but did you know he got his start on Days of Our Lives as Shane? I grew up watching soap operas, so I’ve always enjoyed seeing this actor.

Nanny Reunion! Charles Shaughnessy to Guest-Star on Happily Divorced | TV  Guide
Couples | Days of our lives, Tv show couples, Our life

The film is like most other “prince” movies overall, but I enjoyed watching it anyway. I think it’s better than The Princess Switch: Switched Again, at least. 😀

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