All I want for Christmas is…a Husband

It’s day six!

Today I write about Vivica A. Fox’s A Husband for Christmas. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime. Also, this post includes spoilers.

Watch A Husband For Christmas | Prime Video

Well, at least this film isn’t hiding the fact that so many Xmas movies are about husband hunting. Kind of like the Welldon sisters from Thomas Southerne’s Oroonoko, that popular 18th-century play. Haven’t heard of it? Oh, you should read it…says the scholar of 18th-century literature! 😀

Here’s the deal: I like Fox. That’s why I decided to watch this film. But even Vivica A. Fox cannot save this movie. There are so many disturbing plot points that my husband asked me to turn off the film before we even got to the halfway point! One of these problems is that the protagonist, Brooke, is coerced into marrying a Brit (played by Rico Ross with a bad kinda British accent) so he can take a job–her job–in the US without going through immigration protocol.

Brooke’s boss, played by veteran actor Eric Roberts, kind of threatens to fire her if she doesn’t do what he says–enters into a marriage of convenience–but also offers her a pricey reward for taking him up on her offer. He will make her vice-president of something (graphic design?) and double her pay. So…he’s either gonna double her pay or take it all when he fires her. Seems fair.

The fact that Brooke takes the bait doesn’t bode well for her. My husband was like what kind of person would take the offer? Yeah. Well, the kind of person who is a work-a-holic and has a sister who is marrying her ex-boyfriend. Oops. Spoilers!

There are a lot of other plot problems I could mention, such as the fact that said Brit has a girlfriend but has been flirting with Brooke since day one. I’ll just stop now.

I still haven’t finished this film. Not sure that I need to finish it. Should I finish it? You tell me.

I enjoyed watching another episode of Sugar Rush: Christmas more than I did this film. :/

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