What the Dickens? Days 11-12

Have you read Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol before? I have. It’s Dickensian, as it should be, with its long and meandering prose. It is quite dark, actually–darker than the shows I grew up watching called “A Christmas Carol.” That subtitle shown above (“being a ghost story of Christmas”) surely sets the tone for the piece.

It’s definitely not Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983), which I have watched every year since I can remember. I still watch it every year, so this year is no different. I watched it on the 11th. I loved it as much then as I did when I was a kid.

Why, It's Old Fezziwig!” | Scrooge McDuck (1983) | Mickeys christmas carol,  Scrooge mcduck, Old english tattoo
Pin on A Merry Haunted Christmas!

Scrooge McDuck has always been a favorite of mine, and I’m quite fond of the Fezziwig scene and the Ghost of Christmas Present scene. The Goofy scene always made me chuckle, too. But most of all I love the message in this story of peace and goodwill towards all. It’s easier to see in the cartoon than the prose text, IMHO.

The Story Behind the Music of The Muppet Christmas Carol

On the 11th I then decided to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992). I watched half on the 11th and half on the 12th, and I realize that I have never watched the movie in full before. I guess I’ve caught scenes here and there or I fell asleep watching because I didn’t remember much of this exact production. I didn’t even recall Michael Caine being in the movie!

I’ve always also been a Muppets fan, so it was fun to see the old gang, and I really enjoyed the humor added to the story–I feel like it’s another step away from the darker tone of Dickens’ text. This is definitely the funniest, cutest Christmas Carol out there. Gotta say, I loved watching this film and want to make it a part of my future holiday tradition.

What say you? Have you watched Mickey’s and the Muppet Christmas Carol shows for as long as you can remember? Which one is your favorite? Why?

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