What Professors Still Wear


It’s been a while since I wrote a What Professors Wear blog post. Thanks to my friend Lu for the reminder! Like all of you I’m hella busy and spend so much time on my electronic devices. This has made me feel reluctant to devote time to my blog. Sheesh, I haven’t blogged in almost two months!

To be honest, I haven’t devoted much attention to my fashion either! But there have been days where I said, “hey, I can do more than simply put on pants and a top!” In this post I’ll share some of those days.

There were days where I put on some earrings. Psst: they’re clip-ons.

On the left you see some long dangly earrings with a black turtleneck. Barely trying there, right? But I put on earrings. I guess the red glasses and lipstick count as accessorizing? On the right you see that I tried a lot harder that day. I call this look, “You might as well face it. You’re addicted to love.” If you don’t know the reference here, are we even friends? 🙂 I also call this look “lumberjack chic.” The shirt is the lumberjack part. The earrings, hair, make up, and earrings are the chic.

Other days, I added to necklace to show how little I was trying. 😀

Notice the non-bright clothing above and how much my hair has faded in two months.

Looking through my pics showed me that I wore black shirts a lot this semester. Dunno why. Anyway, below is a pic of me wearing a black MK lightweight sweatshirt to an online academic conference! 😀 Next to it you see a pic of me wearing ANOTHER black shirt, but at least I put on a colorful scarf.

I did wear some bright colors this semester!

See! Turquoise and cherry red!

I also wore two Magnus collars my niece and sister gave me last year. One is a flower collar, the other a cat collar. By the way, Magnus has a lot of other designs. Thanks to my friend Jessie for introducing me to this co. years ago.

I wore that cat collar in honor of teaching Poe’s “The Black Cat.” No, I did not wear black on that day!

I also gotta share this image of my favorite accessory: the book I edited.

I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane with me. Probably the most interested element was seeing how different my hair looks every day. The shirt I wear, the light in the room, the lipstick, how I wear my hair (down, parted this way, parted that way, up, etc.) seems to affect the color and vibrancy.

Can’t wait to get my hair colored again after I get my second vaccine. I’m gonna change it up!

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