Sanditon, Season 3, Episode 3

It’s the trial episode! The one we’ve all been waiting for! And it wasn’t even half of an episode? That was weird. I felt like the pacing was off for this major event, but I was delighted with the outcome, of course. I was surprised the judge so quickly agreed to give Georgiana her inheritance, but I realize that it had nothing to do with what was right. It was about the claimant 1) not having the proof he needed to overturn the inheritance, and 2) being shown to be fraudulent in his claims. Fake doctor’s report, really? Georgiana didn’t win as much as Lockhart lost.

Still, we are left to wonder…where is Georgiana’s mom? Is she alive? It seems like the episode was trying to provide background information to dissuade us from thinking Mrs. Wheatley is Georgiana’s mom. Is this plotline going to be resolved?

But there was this interesting moment where Wheatley said she was sorry to Georgiana, who said something to the effect of but I won. What we see in this episode helps explain what Wheatley means: Georgiana has been paraded before the public and disparaged. Lockhart made her (and her mother) out to be sluts, and this was reported in the newspapers. Now when Georgiana appears in public she does so as a kind of quasi-celebrity; if she wasn’t already one for being an Antiguan heiress of color, she sure is now.

Most of the episode took up hunting (literally) the love game: let’s get everyone together somehow.

Do we really have to endure this horrid Edward and Augusta plot? I cannot with this match. Don’t tell me he’s reformed. And she can certainly do better. Did she really fall in love with Edward? I mean, why?

The match between Lady Denham and Mr. Pryce is the most entertaining right now. I’m still awaiting the Beatrice/Dr. Fuchs marriage, which, honestly, sounds perfect. I don’t know if Samuel and Lady Susan will get together, but they are joining forces to show Charlotte and Alexander that they are being idiots in trying to deny their love.

Charlotte is engaged to Ralph, but she has no desire to marry him. But she made him a promise so she’s gonna marry him? She’s afraid of offending her family and Ralph. I get that, but she could be rich and happy with Colbourne. Why not marry him? He finally admitted his feelings. Come on, y’all.

And, hey, what about Lord Montrose telling Arthur through euphemism that he is gay and that he thinks Arthur is gay, too. Arthur might not have come to terms with his sexual identity, but Montrose seemed to think Arthur’s reaction was a kind of disgust for him. I don’t think so. I have hope of a match here!

And maybe Georgiana and Otis will be back together–even though she burned his address? I like those two together. It was true love then and could be again.

Last thing: Tom Parker. This guy is a doofus. Always has been. Kris Marshall plays him well. He’s gonna tear down the housing of the Sanditoners to build his grand hotel, and Mary is not having it. It was kind of strange to see him chastise her. Seemed out of character for Tom. Let’s hope he grows a backbone. Probably won’t.

All in all, I felt emotional at times while watching the episode. I was happy for Georgiana. I was happy for Colbourne for being honest about his feelings. But I don’t have much more to say. I’m ready for the last three episodes! Hoping they lead to good places.

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