Charlie Brown and Vince Guaraldi Trio

From December 13-17 I didn’t watch any Christmas shows. Why? I was Zooming every day (Monday through Friday of last week), and I was wiped out. I still had the Christmas spirit, but I decided to listen to it instead of watching it. I listened to a lot of Xmas music last week, but theContinue reading “Charlie Brown and Vince Guaraldi Trio”

What the Dickens? Days 11-12

Have you read Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol before? I have. It’s Dickensian, as it should be, with its long and meandering prose. It is quite dark, actually–darker than the shows I grew up watching called “A Christmas Carol.” That subtitle shown above (“being a ghost story of Christmas”) surely sets the tone for theContinue reading “What the Dickens? Days 11-12”

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays, Days 9-10

After watching all of Netflix’s Nailed It holiday show and a few of Sugar Rush‘s holiday episodes, I thought why stop there? How about trying The Great British Baking Show: Holiday? So that’s what I did, but I started with season 3. I watched two episodes over two days. It was a lot of fun,Continue reading “The Great British Baking Show: Holidays, Days 9-10”

Just Another Christmas, Days 8-9

One of the things I love about Netflix is that you never know what you’re gonna find. I stumbled upon this 2020 Portuguese film, which is translated as Just Another Christmas. I had no idea it was a foreign language film because of course Netflix actually has this as its ad for Americans: I putContinue reading “Just Another Christmas, Days 8-9”

All I want for Christmas is…a Husband

It’s day six! Today I write about Vivica A. Fox’s A Husband for Christmas. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime. Also, this post includes spoilers. Well, at least this film isn’t hiding the fact that so many Xmas movies are about husband hunting. Kind of like the Welldon sisters from Thomas Southerne’s Oroonoko, that popular 18th-centuryContinue reading “All I want for Christmas is…a Husband”

Christmas with a Prince, Day 5

Is it every girl’s dream to find her prince charming? Does every girl want to be a princess? What’s so appealing about wanting to be a princess? These are questions my hubs asked me recently when he realized so many Netflix Christmas movies are about non-royals who fall in love with royals and then becomeContinue reading “Christmas with a Prince, Day 5”

Let the Xmas Watching Begin

Even though I don’t really like most of the movies you can freely watch through subscription notices such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and so forth, I find myself watching them anyway. Maybe it’s some kind of self-flagellation. So, as December 1 rolled around, I said, now’s the time! Now’s the time to dig in toContinue reading “Let the Xmas Watching Begin”